Pediatric CBD Blog Post Goes Viral. Lessons learned from a sometimes-blogging Naturopathic Doctor

My blog post guide to pediatric CBD dosing went viral and has now crested 100,000 page views this year! As you can see from the website analytics, the page views demonstrated classic ‘hockey stick’ growth that is the hallmark of ‘going viral’ on the internet.

Why do so many people visit my website for this one blog post? I have received hundreds of comments, emails, calls from people all over the world seeking more info on the use of CBD for pediatric syndromes and diseases especially ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Based on my experience over the last year, here is why this post went viral:

1-There is a clear need for information and CBD dosing guidelines for children which is why I wrote this article. Trying to figure out a proper dose of CBD for a child is tricky, I saw a need and filled it.

2-Sorry CW Brothers, I love your CBD but your many products with multiple formulations and concentrations are confusing. Full stop. By making so many products and blends you have effectively made it harder to prescribe your products to my patients.

3-I am now recommending a different supplier for organic, hemp-based CBD: NuLeaf Naturals Why? NuLeaf makes one concentration of CBD. Their organic CBD is US grown and meets my high standards for purity and consistency, as does CW Brothers, but NuLeaf makes one and only concentration: 50 milligrams per ml of liquid. That makes it easy for us Naturopathic Doctors to provide dosing info to our patients who want to use CBD and titrate the dose to the drop. Thanks NuLeaf: you get it!

4-I have practiced Naturopathic Medicine for 15 years in California, I have seen many trends come and go. CBD is “on trend” right now but this health trend might just have some legs. Health fads are fun to watch and many of the effective ones have ended up in the mainstream such as the wet sock treatment, homeopathy, the use of elderberry and charcoal, detox diets, zeolites, ashwagandha, the list of buzz words goes on but the reason why these ‘trends’ are more popular today is because they work. They are simple, effective and most importantly SAFE when used properly and under guidance of a naturopathic doctor.

5-Many families are hurting. The rise of ASD and ADHD is very real, very sad and while ND’s have real solutions, they are time intensive and expensive to implement. I feel for all of the parents who contact me seeking help for desperate situations; as a solo doctor practice I was not prepared to handle such a large influx of people seeking help-the need is great.

6-I am making upgrades to my website soon to allow for the purchase of CBD and to pay for tele-health services. I am adding options to make it easier for anyone in the world to obtain my services for anything, but especially consults on proper dosing of CBD for pediatric ADHD and ASD.

7-Like all health trends, CBD offers people hope for a cure to their disease. That hope sometimes slips into hope for a miracle cure and many claims are being made about the ability of CBD to ‘cure’ disease. There are no miracle cures for a syndrome like ASD or ADHD. There is not one patient who has come to me for help that could be ‘cured’ alone by CBD, which is why I require a minimum of 30 minutes for a tele-health consult for pediatric dosing of CBD to address other health determinants and ‘peel away the layers of the onion’ to reveal the root cause of the disease.

8-CBD has a huge upside for humans and pets, I think the trend will continue to expand and it has mostly been held back because of politics. One of the reasons I have not personally sold CBD and have been referring all patients to CW Brothers brand CBD is because of the confusing laws and tax structure around CBD which currently is not legal federally.

My focus is on helping patients, not dealing with bureaucrats but I expect that upcoming changes on the federal level to once again make hemp farming legal in the USA will allow the CBD market to flourish in 2019.

In Health,
Dr. Coleen Murphy ND, LAc.

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