Schedule Tele-Health

Dr. Murphy consults worldwide via tele-health. To schedule with Dr. Murphy you can put in a contact form (be sure to include your phone number). If more convenient, you may call us at 949.667-4436 during normal business hours (Pacific time zone). Dr. Murphy requires a minimum of 30 minutes to schedule a tele-health appointment. The fee is $120 US dollars per 30 minute block. During the call, Dr. Murphy acts as a health coach to give you information on any health condition, especially the use of CBD for pediatric disorders including ADHD and ASD. We accept credit cards and PayPal for payment.

Purchase Organic CBD from NuLeaf Naturals 100% US Grown OrganicHemp

If you would like to buy CBD, we have partnered with NuLeaf Naturals to deliver organic Colorado grown CBD oil. NuLeaf Naturals makes a hemp derived CBD extract that is standardized for potency and has near zero levels of THC. You can purchase direct by going to or clicking here:
Buy Organic CBD

Buy Nutraceuticals

If you are looking for high quality nutraceuticals we encourage you to buy from a reputable source. Dr. Murphy uses the Fullscript platform to make available the biggest selection of top-quality nutraceuticals available in one place. You don’t have to buy from us, but beware fake and knock off products on Amazon and other internet retailers. Anyone can make an account without referral through this link:

Buy EMF Harmony Products

EMF Harmony makes advanced EMF protection products for your cell phone, wireless devices, Apple Watch, home, office, car, and for your body when on the go. To purchase EMF Harmony products click the link below. for a 10% discount, enter this code at checkout: DRCOLEENMURPHY