2018 Insurance Coverage Update for Acupuncture

Does My Insurance Cover Acupuncture?

Open enrollment ends on December 15 and very few consumers evaluate acupuncture coverage when choosing a health plan.  You may not even be aware that your health insurance covers acupuncture. If you have one of the plans listed below and live in Southern California, then you have acupuncture coverage. Natural Medicine Works is an in-network acupuncture provider for all of the plans listed below.

Acupuncture is more than just needles, there are hands on techniques such as Tui-Na (Chinese Massage), Cupping, Gu Sha and herbal medicine components that are included in the coverage guidelines.

Each plan is unique as to what specific conditions are eligible for coverage and how many visits they cover. Often, a co-pay is involved. If you are planning to use acupuncture and use your insurance to pay for it, call your plan first to confirm their individual coverage guidelines and co-pay amount, if any.

Southern California Health Plans Offering Acupuncture Coverage

  • Aetna Insurance Company (EPO, POS, PPO & Medicare Advantage; Network Access Plan)
  • American Specialty Health Group, Inc. National Accounts (Benefit Plan)
  • Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Fund (Self-funded)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (PPO; Benefit Plan)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (Automobile Medical Coverage) (Network Access Plan)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (Network Access Plan with Full Administration)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (EPO, PPO & Medicare Advantage PPO; Network Access Plan)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (EPO & PPO BlueCard; Network Access Plan)
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO Medical Provider Network (Workers’ Compensation)
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO (Workers’ Compensation) (Network Access)
  • Cigna (HMO, Open Access Plan & PPO; Benefit Plan)
  • Health Net Life Insurance Company (EPO) (Benefit Plan)
  • Health Net Life Insurance Company (PPO & Medicare Advantage PPO) (Benefit Plan)
  • Kaiser On-the-Job Managed Care Network (Workers’ Compensation)
  • Kaiser Permanente of Southern California (EPO & HMO; Benefit Plan)
  • Providence Health Plan (EPO; Network Access Plan)


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