The DUTCH Test

The DUTCH test is a urine steroid hormone profile that measures hormones and hormone metabolites (called conjugates) in a dried urine sample. DUTCH stands for “dried urine total complete hormones” and the test is offered by Precision Analytical lab in Oregon.

This is not a standard normal hormone panel since the test focuses on free floating hormones as well as hormone breakdown products called “metabolites”. By measuring the hormone metabolites, the Dutch Test allows an accurate measurement of hormone production and hormone breakdown by looking at all phases in the hormone life cycle, from production to excretion.

Measuring both hormones and their metabolites provides a much better overall picture of hormone production. By way of example, a DUTCH urine steroid hormone profile performed on someone with low salivary cortisol could show normal cortisol production, but high levels of metabolites. In other words, this would indicate that you are producing enough cortisol, but it’s just getting broken down into its metabolites very quickly.

The DUTCH test promises the most comprehensive look at cortisol production by your adrenal glands. Saliva adrenal testing only measures the free fraction of cortisol, which is around 1% of your production. The DUTCH test will measure both free and total (also called metabolized) cortisol for a better look at overall production. Metabolized cortisol comprises 80% of your total production and is a more accurate way of determining adrenal gland health. 

There are also some metabolites that are important markers for cancer risk that can only be measured in urine. With serum (blood) and saliva hormone spot-testing, it’s possible to track variations in hormone release throughout the day – and this is a great way to measure how your hormones change over a 24 hour period, and speaking of periods, this test provides maximum insight for women trying to get pregnant and predict ovulation cycles (more on that in another post).

When compared to a standard 24-hour urine collection many physicians use reflects your total hormone output in a 24-hour period. But by using the DUTCH urine steroid test, you get the best of all worlds: blood, saliva and urinary results with just a urine collection.

The DUTCH test is an effective tool to measure many hormones and their byproducts, including testosterone, estrogen, free cortisol, free cortisone, creatinine, Androgen and progesterone DHEAs, androsterone, estrogen metabolites (estrone, estradiol, estriol, 2-OH-estrone, 4-OH-estrone, 16-OH-estrone, 2-Methoxy-estrone, 2-OH-estradiol), melatonin as -6-OH-melatonin and a whole lot more.

The Dutch Test can easily be taken from the comfort of your own home and I can drop ship a test kit anywhere in the USA. Get in touch with my office for ordering info and please visit for more info.

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