The Genetics of Weight Loss

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We all know someone who eats with impunity and never gains a pound, others starve themselves yet continue to struggle with their weight. The rise of advanced DNA testing through companies like 23andMe have brought new focus and individualization toward understanding how our genetic makeup affects our ability to gain and lose weight.

The Guardian published a good story on this in September and now new tests and treatments are available to make genetic testing more accessible.

This year I am offering a new saliva based test that will provide you with detailed information about how your DNA fingerprint informs your ability to maintain a healthy weight, and more importantly, using this knowledge to make real and concrete changes.

When a patient looks at the results of a weight management genetic test, years of guilt, self-blame and shame can be lifted.  Some of my patients who have taken the Weight Management Testing Panel have tears of gratitude for the knowledge that it wasn’t them or their perceived lack of will power that resulted in weight gain; that it was, in big part, their genetic make-up that made it so easy to gain weight, and so hard to lose it.

The Weight Management Panel focuses on five key genetic variants that impact weight management. Extensive scientific literature search identified FTO, MC4R, FAB2P, ADRB2 and SH2B1 as a panel of truly clinically useful alleles to test. The panel allows us to gain the practical knowledge to support your individual weight loss goals with the right supplementation, diet and exercise program.

I practice Functional Weight Loss with my clients and this focus looks at hormone levels, metabolism, nutrients and other factors to assess weight loss and then implement naturopathic protocols to impact hormones and metabolism. The weight loss panel also provides knowledge to empower you to make the positive changes you wish to implement and to work with me to implement a whole foods diet and other lifestyle choices that focus on maintaining a healthy body weight for the long term.

The test is performed by simply swapping your cheek and mailing the kit to the testing lab. Please get in touch with my office if you would like me to drop ship a test kit to you. 

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