Genetic Testing for MTHFR Gene Defect

The rise of genetic testing has allowed the average individual to look into their genome and see where small mutations or defects can have big impacts on health.

One such genetic variation with a potential large impact on health, mood and reproduction is the MTHFR gene sequence which is a relatively common genetic variation that changes the expression of a gene sequence involved in protein production.

In some people, the MTHFR genetic defect impacts folate metabolism which leads to a string of consequences affecting the body’s ability to properly use and convert amino acids into proteins and neuro-transmitters.

Some people with MTHFR may be asymptomatic and others will be severely impacted with conditions such as autism, miscarriage, depression, certain cancers, chronic fatigue, addiction showing a link. There is a growing body of scientific research showing correlation between MTHFR and disease, I have included some recent research below.

As MTHFR defects are inherited, they can be passed on to offspring. If you believe in genetic testing as a means to gain greater understanding into your personal health, I am happy to work with you. I utilize a trusted research lab to do genetic tests for MTHFR as well as many other conditions such as bone health and weight management.

Naturopathic doctors are finding that the MTHFR defect requires a whole-scale individualized approach to manage, the complexity of managing the gene defect necessitates working with a trained professional-relying on “Dr. Google” will just not cut it with this complex issue.

If you test positive, I have a number of updated naturopathic protocols that I blend into your unique treatment plan with focus areas on lifestyle, diet and supplementation to address and mitigate your symptoms and potential impacts to future health and fertility.

This year complete genomic testing is becoming widely available. As consumers gain new genomics info, there will be a natural move toward individualized treatment, naturopathic doctors will continue to lead on this topic focusing on evidence based protocols. Here is some research that informs this article.

These two studies shows the correlation between MTHFR, alcoholism and depression:

A just released Turkish study shows a link between MTHFR and psoriasis:

by Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND, LAc.

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