Homeopathic Vaccines aka ‘homeoprophylaxis’

With California enacting the nations’ most restrictive vaccine legislation, vaccine safety will continue to be a hot topic. Parents looking for alternatives have seized on homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) as a possible solution to the vaccination conundrum.

Parents in California are upset and the already challenging decision regarding preschool and grade school placement has been made even more difficult for parents who refuse to follow the mandated vaccine schedule.

So, Does it Work? Homeopathy suffers from a lack of clinical trials conducted here in the USA, but there is an existing body of peer reviewed clinical trials coming out of countries such as Brazil, Cuba and India to support the use of homeopathic nosodes as vaccines, especially to control devastating outbreaks of mosquito borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya.

When it comes down to it, even if the vaccines only conveys slight protective properties, there are no harmful side effects to the nosode. Many parents have already decided to forego all vaccinations, in this case the nosode can’t hurt.

My readers do not need to be reminded of the poor effectiveness of modern vaccines, the event that led to the new CA vaccine law was a large scale measles outbreak at Disney, about half of those cases of measles occurred in already vaccinated individuals. Given the known and suspected injury rates of current vaccines, it is apparent that more research is needed into homeoprophylaxis.

I will continue to use homeopathy in my practice to treat acute and chronic conditions, but will need to see more evidence regarding the effectiveness of nosodes to replace traditional vaccines.

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  1. Perhaps you should take the time to research the information available from India. Validation of research and efficacy OS readily available.

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