Liposomal Vitamins-Easy to Take, Readily Absorbed

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Liposomal nutrient formulations are easy to take and are readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucosal membranes.

The absorption of many vitamins and therapeutic agents such as vitamin c and glutathione are inhibited by taking them orally, the old “Your pissing away your vitamins” and there is certainly plenty of evidence to show that many people are wasting money on supplements that cannot be effectively absorbed through the GI tract.

IV drips and vitamin injections are a popular way to bypass the digestive system, but is there an even better way to increase absorption, without a shot, from your own home? Enter liposomals, a formulation that promises better absorption than intravenous or intramuscular injections with the ease of pill or sublingual (under the tongue) delivery.

During onset of a recent bout with the flu, my son and I starting taking liposomal glutathione and Vit C and noticed quick results.

Liposomals have shown to be an effective delivery model when you need to bypass the GI Tract. It can reduce the need for intravenous and intra-muscular application of vitamins, minerals and other factors such as glutathione. They can be taken at home with the only side effect being the sometimes bad taste.

The era of swallowing encapsulated vitamins may be coming to an end. I am offering a number of liposomals through my online store. You can order for yourself at by entering ‘smile’ in the blue box on the lower left corner of the screen.


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